• Intensive Intervention for Selective Mutism: How It Works and Why It Matters

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       Do you know a child or young adult who does not speak in situations which require speaking? Though they are intellectual, they appear extremely shy, or have a blank expression.

       Introverted, shy, and even indifference, pride, social disorder ... exd. Your friends may face the rarely known "selective mutism" if the situation is too serious that affect the study or work. They are need help!!

       selective mutism is often happen before five years old. It usually be found after kids go to school. They do have hard time to talk in front of the group or out of home even face to the threats, injuries. Most parents are surprised, because the child are very normally at home.

       There is very big chance the child may return to the community if they get medical treatment before 10 years old.

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    Melissa Ortega, PsyD

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist (US)

    Specializing in Children and Adolescents

    Central Health Medical Practice-


    hk - 852.2824.0822

    Southside Family Health Centre-


    - 852.2592.9000

    Island Health Family Practice-

    http://www.islandhealth.com.hk - 852.2987.7575

    A Real Story

     "E" is a funny girl home.

       At school, she can not return to return to her seat after eating lunch. She is frozen and stands in the corner until lunch time is complete. One day, her parents get a urgent call from the teacher, saying "E" looks very painful and grimacing appearing to try to say something. After her parents arrive and exit the school gate "E" wets her pants and crys for an hour.

       After a period of weeks "E"s classmates become curious of "E", look at her like freak and try to touch her like she is a pet. The touching from other students becomes too aggressive and "E" begins to display bruises on her legs, and belly, but she can not ask for help and did not say what happened until returning to home.

       Parents quickly realized the situation is not that simple.


    Professional medical treatment has changed E's life!!

    ☉ 4 Years Old:

    * Can't speak at school

    * Can't ask for help to the toilet (wetting paints daily)

    * Can't move in class

    * Want to have friends, but can't talk with other students

    *Afraid to go to school even with a nurturing teacher.


    ☉ 6 Years old:

    * Can speak at school

    * Able to ask for help in the class room

    * Move around in the class

    * Initiates speaking with classmates

    * Anticipates and loves going to School


    Teacher infoms parents:

    「E speaks a lot and participated nicely in class.


    Her parents are so proud and deeply touched with E's new confidence and that she has developed new friends.

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    Selective mutism

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    Selective Mutism

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    In E's case, parents gained deep understanding of the importance of knowledge, intervention skills, and treatment withing an SM family. Because of their experience the parents invited a Doctor to come to Taiwan and provide 


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